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Filed under: Selected purchases with funds provided by Friends Of Thomas J. Watson Library

Vitrine Displays – December 2013-January 2014

Steinberger, Georg


Torten-Verzierungen: 78 moderne Vorlagen; eigene Entwürfe mit klaren Erläuterungen

Windsheim: Selbstverlag des Verfassers; Gesamtherstellung von E. Nister, Nürnberg, 1910
Illustrated guide to cake decoration, accentuated by forty chromolithograph plates. Primarily composed of floral cake top designs for festive occasions, this pattern book demonstrates the wide influence of the Jugendstil movement in early twentieth century Germany. Includes multiple sets of Art Nouveau characters as well as decorative border configurations.

King, Charles Henry
Artistic confectionery for table decoration
Arlington, New Jersey: C. H. King, 1890
A practical handbook for tabletop confectionery design and ornamental work. Primarily containing recipes and techniques, this book is highlighted by twenty-two lithographic plates of elaborate designs, including a meringue beehive, a two-foot-high Chinese pagoda, and a practice chart of decorative scrollwork. Also includes multiple advertisements for baking suppliers in lower Manhattan and New Jersey.


TilePerla del sud (Firm)

Perla del sud
Bahia Blanca, Argentina: N. & G. Pagano, 1911
Trade catalog of floor tiles manufactured by Argentinian company La Perla del Sud, founded by Italian immigrant brothers Nicolas and Gerardo Pagano. Featuring designs exhibited at the Turin International Exposition of 1911, this pattern book offers 133 color layouts.


“Kungsholm” Svenska Amerika Linien: Göteborg direkt New York och Canada
Göteborg: Svenska Amerika Linien, 1928
Advertising booklet for the Swedish liner, MS Kungsholm, launched in 1928. A fashionable transatlantic cruise ship, its interiors reflected Art Deco’s popularity in maritime design. It includes ten color and eight black-and-white illustrations of interior spaces designed by Carl Bergsten, renderings of bas reliefs by Gustav Emil Sandberg, and sculptures by Ansgar Almqvists.

J. D. Salinger served as the vessel’s Entertainment Director in 1941, and later conjured a vision of the ship in his 1947 short story, A Young Girl in 1941 with No Waist at All: “The only sound in the night came from the Havana harbor water slucking gently against the sides of the ship. Through the moon mist the Kungsholm could be seen, anchored sleepy and rich, just a few hundred feet aft.