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Social Media Policy

General Guidelines

Use social-media platforms…to build communities and participation around common topics and shared interests. (Goal 2, Objective 2, Strategy E)


Watson Library currently maintains three social media accounts: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. We also have an active blog, In Circulation, in addition to a quarterly e-newsletter. We are one of a small number of Museum departments that maintains its own social media accounts. We applied for and were encouraged by the Digital Department to create these accounts and continue to work in consultation with them to ensure all social media channels are in alignment with Museum policies and best practices.

Our social media strategy—to showcase the breadth and depth of the Library’s collection, programs, and activities and enhance visitor engagement—relies on content from all members of the Library staff, and we welcome individuals to participate in our initiatives. We are happy to meet with library staff to discuss possible collaborations. In order to ensure consistent messaging on behalf of the Library, it is important that all work-related social media initiatives be coordinated with the Social Media team.


The Social Media Team manages multiple social media platforms to support Thomas J. Watson Library’s mission and goals by growing and engaging our internal and external research communities, by promoting our many services and programs, and by highlighting the library’s encyclopedic collections.


  • Anything posted through the Library social media program must comply with the The Met’s Social Media Guidelines & Strategy.
  • Make titles and messages brief, but add value: Post content that will be useful, interesting, or engaging to your audience. Don’t just post several links to other items.
  • Before posting, check facts, spelling, and grammar.
  • Do not use copyrighted photos and/or images.
  • Post regularly. For platforms like Instagram and Facebook, one post per day on weekdays (ie: up to five posts per week) is the recommended frequency. For platforms like the blog and e-newsletter, creating and maintaining a regular publishing schedule is recommended.
  • Engage with users via comments or questions.
  • Monitor your platform and keep up with the conversation. Regularly read all the posts on your platform, including comments posted by others. Sometimes, people will ask important questions via social media rather than phone or email. Make sure to find these questions and answer them directly. These questions should be answered by the team responsible for the platform if possible, and forwarded to appropriate staff when further expertise is needed.
  • Use proper punctuation and capitalization. All content must be written in accordance with the Museum Style Guide.
  • Protect confidential and proprietary information. Social computing blurs lines between internal and external communications. Sensitive information must never be posted.
  • Don’t censor negative comments. You may see people post negative comments from time to time. Use your best judgment as to whether you want to try to reply officially and respectfully, or simply ignore the comment.


Our standards are in alignment with the Museum’s standards, as articulated in the Employee Handbook, section 1103, “Social Media, Blogging, and Other Forms of On-Line Publication.”