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David Roentgen Papers, 1773-1820

David Roentgen (1743-1807) was cabinetmaker to Queen Marie-Antoinette of France, Empress Catherine II of Russia, and King Frederick William II of Prussia.

The collection includes family correspondence, chiefly letters from Roentgen to his son Phil. Jakob and to his brother Johannes, as well as business documents, including letters addressed to Roentgen, chiefly from Frederick William II of Prussia or his agents, a letter patent from Frederick William II of Prussia, and a receipt for payment of furniture made for Catherine II of Russia. There are additional Roentgen family papers, including: a letter from David’s wife Dorothea to her son Phil. Jakob; letters from various correspondents addressed to their son, A. Roentgen; the will of Dorothea Roentgen, dated Sept. 13, 1819; a genealogical notebook with entries by Dorothea Roentgen (and others?) between 1773 and 1823.

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